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Seizure were occurring in the night following TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  The doctor's solution was to pre-empt them.....Pre-empt with 0430 wake-up so it cannot happen.........Appeared to be the result of Brain sleep apnea, cortisol, breath stop. (Seizure when they happened created abnormally high blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature).

At a time when I was having terrible seizures (mostly in the night or when I became extremely tired or run-down) it seemed as though with each seizure I was worse off than before.

I have since talked with others who told me following their concussion/TBI they had the same experience (Potentially a result of "puddling").  When I tested on the brain cognitive tests a few months after my accident and then 18 months after my accident we found my condition according to testing was deteriorating.  This it would appear was in large part to the seizures.  My HBOT therapies (CLICK HERE) seemed to have a lot to do with correcting these episodes, as did the use of a type/style of “cleanse” I sought for correction in my digestive disorder (CLICK GLUTEN FREE?).  Meanwhile no one ever attempted to tell me what was happening in these seizure episodes.  I did some independent “testing” to try and find out.

With the seizures I found that I was extremely tired all the time, stuttered profusely and generally had a lot of trouble with everything.  There was a general confusion in my world.  A friend helped set up a monitoring mechanism to determine what was going on.

It seems that in the night I would have episodes where my body temperature would go sky high, and my blood pressure and heart rate would go higher than one can imagine.  (At one time I began to “seize” in a doctor’s office while they were taking my blood pressure and they said they had never seen blood pressure that high before.)  The seizure would seem to take all my energy for days and leave me in terrible shape.

The seizures tended to occur most often it seems at 0430-0530 in the morning.  It was determined that if I slept normal or slept well all night and went through one of these episodes just before waking up it would have been as if I had never slept when I woke up.  So as it goes I would get more and more run down.  There was a wide array of things going on at the time so these episodes were hidden in the confusion of the day.

One doctor prescribed that I simply set my alarm for 0430 to pre-empt the seizure and make sure I was not asleep for it to happen.  This where seems wacky put us on a track to discover the cause, and thus the cure.

I now believe that the seizures were triggered by two different things, but one (breathing) seemed to be the key.  Without going into all the ideas and theories doctors advised there are basically two types of sleep apnea.  One is caused by a physical blockage in the airway (most often encountered when someone is over-weight or their jaw bone is a certain measurement in relation to the rest of their body).  The doctors will often take the easy route (as mine did) and claim your sleep apnea is from a physical blockage.  Mine was actually from the other form which is a brain function when your brain in essence forgets to tell your body to breath.

The result when you stop breathing as I was is that when oxygen levels in the body (brain) become depleted there are chemicals released in the body to “jump start” the heart.  The idea is the body thinks the heart has stopped pumping because it is not receiving oxygenated blood, when in truth the oxygen itself is not being received in the lungs because you stopped breathing.

The result of the chemical release to kick start the heart is a shock to the body like a jolt of electricity (the body’s defibrillator?).  The heart rate jumps, pressures soar, and the chemical release causes a rather violent episode to occur.  The good part is that you do resume breathing (if all goes well), but the aftermath is rough like a space shuttle re-entering the atmosphere.

All the doctors could tell me is if I knew about what time the seizure would occur then set my alarm to “pre-empt” the attack.  What a nutty idea?  Meanwhile what I did in the interim was start sleeping shorter periods of time, and slept (naps) throughout the day.  This may have been an effective way to slow the “puddling” (CLICK LINK) effect.  No one has ever discussed “puddling” with me.  I developed this theory on my own.  Yet, it seems the seizure often occurred when connected to a “hypoxia” or absence of oxygen in the brain.  (See “Puddling”).

Meanwhile it is my theory that the sky high blood pressure that occurs during the seizure of the TBI victim affects the “puddling” in the brain. (CLICK LINK).  Make sure your read the “puddling” article, because I found this was one of the major breakthroughs in beginning my recovering from my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  You will not hear about this from doctors as far as I can tell.

The spike in blood pressure especially while laying down increases pressure in the brain area as well as the rest of the body, and tends to increase the “puddling effect” (CLICK LINK).  The result is that every time a seizure occurs the victim is very likely in worse shape than before and a deteriorating condition develops in the TBI patient/victim.  Seizures day or night will cause this effect, meanwhile the energy used during the seizure, the chemical releases, and the action (thrashing) of the seizure causes a number of problems.

Keys I found to stop the seizures was the “Herbal Cleanse” (See Gluten free), and the “Brain drain” (CLICK LINK), and hyperbaric (HBOT) to super oxygenate the blood thus rejuvenating the brain. 

The reasoning behind the three approaches is clear.  The high heat and blood pressure was believed to be the body’s accurate reaction to a perceived threat.  The body thought that it needed heat to get rid of an issue.  In my situation it is believed there is/was a rogue bacteria/fungus, and with victims of “brain puddling” this is not believed to be abnormal.  It is certainly plausible.  The “Herbal Cleanse” was an attempt to remove pathogens in the system, and the “brain drain” was an attempt to reduce the accumulations in the brain which allowed bacteria/fungal build-up and habitat.  The hyperbaric (HBOT) gave life giving oxygen to areas that were starved by the hypoxia, and energizing areas under attack in these episodes.

If you are experiencing these episodes we would appreciate it if you would attempt to resolve this before coming for a “Farm Visit” (CLICK LINK) or at least advising us prior to your arrival.  You can contact us for information on these before visiting two keys: “Herbal Cleanse” (See Gluten free), and the “Brain drain” (CLICK LINK).

The doctors never prescribed this for me, and I am not sure they ever would have caught on.  These three actions provided relief in a major way so that recovery could get underway.  Once combined with HBOT this was sensational. 

Contact us today for a farm visit.  Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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