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Brain Drain/Correction:

Fortunately, the brain seems to be very resilient.  There is a means that I prefer to call a “brain drain” which can effectively address some of the components that bring about this chain of events, and the brain can begin to operate more normally and begin restoration.

1)  Since we know the best way to drain a space full of fluid using gravity is to decrease viscosity of the fluid one uses simple herbal blood thinner. 

2)   To enlarge the flow rate and ability a simple herbal vasiodialator facilitates the movement of the now thinner liquid. 

3)   Maintaining upright posture at all times helps gravity drain.  Most hyperbaric systems have you laying down, and this is a TERRIBLE position for the brain injured or autistic victim.  Circulation to the brain is not created by flooding the brain, it is created by draining the brain and requiring the heart/pump to replenish the area.  Typical treatment misses this because they may not understand fluid mechanics and hydraulics.  See Puddling

4)   There is a way to “increase gravity” on the liquid/body that is being looked at.  This is radical addition to traditional hyperbaric, yet so simple to do.  By accelerating the body such as in a centrifuge draining is facilitated, and the replenishment begins properly, thus restoration of the original condition.

5)   Using simple supplements it is possible to increase the oxygen retention rate/ability of the blood.  This helps to feed the brain more with incremental amounts of blood flow, because of the higher oxygenation and retention of the blood itself and body components.

With draining of “puddling” one can see significant return to function and response.  Further to this the use of hyperbaric (especially mild hyperbaric) super oxygenates the blood/brain and helps restore function. 

Many believe that hyperbaric oxygen helps the brain to create new stem cells, conduct repairs, and a host of things that one can certainly hope for.  This is extremely promising for TBI/Concussion victims.  See my story and the results (CLICK STORY).

According to Dr. Harsh's studies found online SPECT imaging shows that circulation in the brain increases with hyperbaric oxygen use.  Most "clinics" however will not share with you how to boost the recovery efforts.  We share these secrets.  You'll get more on this page alone, than most would ever tell you in 40 treatments/visits to their facility.

I do not see much mention on attempts to increase activity, flow, decrease viscosity, etc. while maintaining the right physical disposition to get the draining effect.  The effects of these simple additions to treatment with mild hyperbaric will likely make tremendous gains in recovery for many.  It is too simple not to work. 

Sleep studies show that inclining the body at up to 30 degrees may increase the drain concept one is trying to achieve in this manner.  A small key to the long term and short term effects is to change sleep posture, and maintain upright position where possible throughout the day.  The idea of laying down when one feels bad, may not be the trick.  It may be complicating the “puddling” effect.  (Come to the farm and we’ll show you simply how it can work.)(CLICK)

Simple Keys to Brain Drain of Puddling (An overview):

Accupressure, modified atmospheric pressure (HBOT), supplementation (common household products), massage to affect circulation, sleep correction/modification, addressing the “cause” (inflammation in the cerebrum), address/correct “puddling” effects, increase gravity (centrifuge), 

1)   Reduce viscosity of the fluid (thin the blood)

2) Increase flow rate/ability by enlarging containment or flow paths of the blood.

3)  Increase oxygen utilization/retention. 

4)   Correct position/posture during and after treatment.

5)   Increase activity.  Increase heart rate of the thinner, easier flowing, oxide rich fluid.

6)   If possible increase gravity (centrifuge idea)

7)   Consider herbal cleanse to reach bacteria/fungus in hard to reach places.

Come to the farm and we will show you how to enhance whatever hyperbaric system you currently use, intend to use, or have thought about using.  We can teach you universal methods of improving the effects, efficiency and retention of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  This is a pretty froggy stance to take, but we can guarantee greater efficiency in virtually all cases.  It is too simple not to work............Meanwhile, if anyone has made HBOT and hyperbaric sessions seem complicated or intimidating give us a call and come to the farm.  We assure you an original approach. 

Welcome to

Contact us today for a farm visit.  Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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