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A few thoughts on TBI and a story:

In August 2010 while minding my own business I was driving at about 55 mph down an interstate highway in the southeast United States at around about midnight.  An out of control 18 wheeler slammed in to the rear of my vehicle at speeds estimated at 100 mph.  The truck/trucker accelerated my vehicle from my speed (55 mph) to his speed (100 mph?)  in about 150-250 feet.  The force was so great that it broke the seat backs in the vehicle I was driving and we “laid out” for the initial portion of the disaster.  After 250 feet from connection point the trucker hit his brakes, thus slowing his rig and separating his vehicle from mine.  Meanwhile I had been accelerated to 100 mph (his speed) in about 250 feet.   This caused a force estimated of 20 "G's" as it is said to have taken 3500 pounds force to break the seat backs. We went screaming down the highway for 1000-1200 feet estimated before slamming to a stop.  At one point during our skid we hit the bottom of the ditch/median, slammed into the lower embankment and did a 180 degree turn, coming out of the turn backwards for the final skid stop of almost 265 feet (What appears to be a 70 mph reverse skid).

Amazingly I was able to walk away from the accident with no broken bones, no broken skin, no blood loss, etc.  No outward appearance of damage, except for bruising.  Within the days to follow a bruise appeared across the bridge of my nose evidencing that when we hit the bottom of the ditch that my head likely hit the steering wheel’s upper left corner. This means I liked sustained a blow to the head at 70 mph, a blow greater than any boxing prize fighter can throw in a ring. (Mythbuster video, modified)

Mental replay of the events allowed me and my passenger to recall that all the tools, debris and such being carried in the back the SUV I was driving piled up on us presumably at the same time when we hit the bottom of that ditch.  This would have meant being hit in the head and back from behind with all the debris in the vehicle sandwiching me (my head) with the steering wheel. 

Miraculously my passenger and I survived.

The result for me is/was what was determined to be a “closed head injury”.  The complications of TBI, concussion, or closed head injury develop over a period of time making the next 2 or more years a bit of a roller coaster ride.

Over the next few weeks/months I developed recurring balance disorder issues as well as a host of other emotional, physical, financial, and mental issues.  These issues/symptoms include but are not limited to:  Headaches, Seizures, Inability to manage hands (properly) handwriting/signature change, voice change, Tingling issues (nerve and blood flow), Disorientation, depression, fits of emotion, Cramps/Muscle Spasms, Heat at night/ hot head/ liquid discharge from ears, Stuttering, Anxiety, Hot flashes/in the night, Hypertension/blood pressure spikes, Fits/rage, Balance issues/instability, Frustration/confusion, Disorientation, Loss of words/vocabulary, Short term memory losses, Sleep problems/unable to sleep thru/ sleep apnea, Breathing difficulties (in the night mainly), Coordination issues, Cramps, Stigmatism, Independent Eye Operation, Eye “calibration” issues, High and Low blood pressure, Sleep Issues, Intermittent dyslexia, Brain and head hypoxia, and Problems reading/focusing to read.  (The list goes on and on…)

Needless to say these symptoms as well as others caused a number of problems.  Unfortunately, I found that with each visit to any/every doctor (conventional Western Style Medicine) they attempted to treat the symptom only, and to my recollection never addressed the cause.  Often they treated the symptom and they often focused only on the symptom they witnessed.  Not a single one really took the time to discuss the problems with me.  Not a single one asked if any of the symptoms they were witnessing were atypical or abnormal.  Not a single one listened to the complete list of issues I was having.  Often they only heard the first thing out of my mouth which seemed often to be “balance disorder” and then they would prescribe medication to help manage the vertigo.  Not a single one worked with me to see what caused the vertigo, dis-orientation, headaches, confusion or other symptoms……………… I take that back, one “balance disorder” clinic ran some tests and mis-diagnosed my problem, mis-applied therapy, and made notes to file that my problem was simple and a little therapy from his office would rectify the situation.  What a quack!!? He missed a great number of issues including the variability of my recurring balance disorder and the FACT that I had already done his therapy 12 months earlier and conditions were recurring. (CLICK LETTER GERRY?).

If you can relate to any of the listed symptoms and have pursued the traditional route, look at the side effects of what most doctors prescribe.  The side effects of many of the medicines when blended with the true (other) symptoms will mask so many of the problems that seemingly as soon as one starts taking the medications they are drawn in to a process of treating symptoms without finding a cause.  I could see that in a matter of time they would have me taking medications to offset the complications of one of the other medications.  I did not want this.  It seems a conventional approach tends to create an expensive chain of events, which may never lead to victory over the problem. 

I also found uniquely that doctors seemed to treat me differently depending on whether they thought I had insurance (a deep pocket) in which to pay.  As a result of a crooked insurance arrangement with the trucking entity that hit me they had denied financial responsibility (CLICK see  I soon found that my recovery was to be out of my own pocket and I was on my own.  The doctors did not seem interested in resolving the cause(s).  They seemed to lack interest when their opportunity to make big bucks was taken away.

Why would the medical world wish to cure the patient?  There is often not as much money in a cure.  Meanwhile if the doctors do not address the cause of the problem(s) then the problems are likely persist.  It makes the road to recovery long and slow as the body tries to find its own solution for problems.  Once your body solves the “problem” you then could have an addiction or dependency many would prefer not to have.  I did not want this for myself, and that is all I could see coming from the traditional approach.

I became determined to find some answers aimed at resolving this situation.

I had worked and studied alongside the dive community in my conventional job, and had heard of the apparent “medicinal” or “healing” benefits of hyperbaric oxygen(HBOT) for soft tissue recoveries.  To see the hyperbaric story of how this story developed CLICK HERE.

I decided to pursue hyperbaric therapy and found that it seemed to change my outlook on my situation as things significantly improved.

Whereas the law/government prevents people from making claims that HBOT can cure anything, it is curious to see the effects it can have.  It is relatively easy in many settings to set up a test mechanism for the visitor to see their own performance increases.  See my story.  (CLICK HERE)

Contact us today for a farm visit.  Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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