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Puddling  (Brain puddling):

After having a considerable amount of research on brain trauma and concussion and listening to much discussion on the matter I found the best relief for my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) was found on my own.

I have recounted parts of the story as to how I ended up getting TBI and concussion with the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the accompanying titles, issues, and problems.  I will not be-labor that here.  (CLICK STORY).

What I found plain and simple is that when the head/brain is impacted the swelling that can occur often swells in the actual brain tissue, thus decreasing or ceasing flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to regions of the brain.  Since the brain is a bit like a “sponge” and does not have proper veins and such for handling all its flow needs the flow once stopped to an area has low to no incentive to restart.  The buildup of fluids is in large part what caused my problems and what will likely cause the many of other TBI victims with closed head injuries.

Understand that in a typical "bruise" that occurs in your body that you can see (such as in your arm, leg, etc.) there is something "downstream" of the bruise of damaged tissue.  Your body's attempt to "feed" the extremities in your physical limbs often helps dissipate existence of a bruise in your physical body..........Now look at a soft tissue/head injury.  There is no physical extremity or "muscle" past the brain/head that draws the blood by or thru the area to bring about the cure/cleaning the area needs.  In essence the bruise area in the brain begins "puddling" and no/low healing effect occurs.  Quite the contrary in fact as hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and stagnated nutrients (blood) allows and may even promote build up of bacteria and fungus...This effect is what I call "puddling".  The puddle has no incentive to move, low/no circulation, and a host of problems are allowed to exist and grow.

What I found is that after being struck by a car steering wheel in a 70 mph crash the left side of my face/head began to malfunction.  At first I got some bruising, then a number of other effects began including but not limited to stigmatism in my eyes, loss of balance, hearing issues, and a host of traditional TBI issues (CLICK STORY).  Meanwhile I had real physical issues that accompanied my mental and emotional swings.  The left side of my face would swell at times, it would sag at times, and there was a host of related problems.

What I found is that following the wreck/accident that I would often curl up as best I could to sleep.  Often I would sleep with my left side of my face down with my hand on my face.  For some reason the hand on my face made it feel better.  I would lay in a fetal position like this all night if I could, and rest that way at times in the day.  Eventually a number of sleep disorders and such complicated this.

I found that what I was doing was all wrong.  By laying horizontal my head was level with my heart.  The bruised tissue/areas were below my heart, and the swelling/fluid accumulation was in part an effect of gravity it seems.  Keep this in mind, because elevating the wound, even though it is the head is important.

Imagine this, if you fill a hole in your yard with water and made sure it remained full, but had no circulation or aeration it would soon become a stagnant cess pool.  This same action happens in the brain (It is called "puddling").  No aeration occurs unless moving blood passes the bruised mass of the brain.  Only moving blood is oxygenated.  Once the blood stops moving its oxygen is quickly depleted, and whereas there is blood there, hypoxia or the absence of oxygen sets in.  The blood has nutrient in it as well, and if it is left to sit in one place it will become a stagnant cess pool as well.  The effect is what I call “Puddling”.

Puddling actually creates an environment for bacteria and fungi to develop feed and grow.

The effect of puddling must apparently be a mystery because no one consulted with me on this following my accident.  Many have heard of people going in to surgery to relieve fluid or fluid pressure on the brain, but what if it can be done without an operation?  What if brain trauma patients need it, but it is not being prescribed?  In general for people in their older age, what if it is a cause/result of aging, and is critical to reverse or slow the process of aging?  Overcoming "puddling" effects may be critical to long term well-being.

Notice where your heart is, the middle of your chest.  Notice where you brain is, presumably in your head.  As long as you remain erect and go about your day the heart pumps against the force of gravity (great force) to get oxygen to the brain.  Notice there is no “pump” in the head to return the blood to the heart.  The heart and blood depends on gravity alone to get the blood back to the heart/lungs for oxygenation.

In the event of closed head wound it is fairly intuitive to see that flow to/thru an area of the brain ceases (or slows) due to inflammation.  The slowing of the blood or stopping of the flow causes the blood to give up the oxygen in it, and over time it will give up liquid (presumably water), and as it stagnates will become a cess pool of toxins.  Can you see this?

Herein with the inflammation is a problem that allows for puddling.  There is little incentive for the body to naturally overcome puddling.  The toxins which build up in the “puddle” will eventually expand the damage area and a chain of events is set in motion creating what appears to be statistically permanent brain damage.  The condition of the TBI victim with likely continue to deteriorate, or as I found my condition would oscillate without apparent rhyme or reason, yet deteriorating step by step.

Fortunately, the brain seems to be very resilient.  There is a means that I prefer to call a “brain drain” which can effectively address some of the components that bring about this chain of events, and the brain can begin to operate more normally and begin restoration.

1)  Since we know the best way to drain a space full of fluid using gravity is to decrease viscosity of the fluid one uses simple herbal blood thinner. 

2)   To enlarge the flow rate and ability a simple herbal vasiodialator facilitates the movement of the now thinner liquid. 

3)   Maintaining upright posture at all times helps gravity drain. 

4)   There is a way to “increase gravity” on the liquid/body that is being looked at.  (Walking, Trampoline, or centrifuge?)

5)   Using simple supplements it is possible to increase the oxygen retention rate/ability of the blood.  This helps to feed the brain more with incremental amounts of blood flow.

With draining of “puddling” one can see significant return to function and response.  Further to this the use of hyperbaric (especially mild hyperbaric) super oxygenates the blood/brain and helps restore function.  Many believe that hyperbaric oxygen helps the brain to create new stem cells, conduct repairs, and a host of things that one can certainly hope for.  This is extremely promising for TBI/Concussion victims.  See my story and the results (CLICK STORY).

SPECT imaging shows that circulation in the brain increases with hyperbaric oxygen use, meanwhile I do not see much mention on attempts to increase activity, flow, decrease viscosity, etc. while maintaining the right physical disposition to get the draining effect.  The effects of these simple additions to treatment with mild hyperbaric will likely make tremendous gains in recovery for many.  It is too simple not to work. 

Sleep studies show that inclining the body at up to 30 degrees may increase the drain concept one is trying to achieve in this manner.  A small key to the long term and short term effects is to change sleep posture, and maintain upright position where possible throughout the day.  The idea of laying down when one feels bad, may not be the trick.  It may be complicating the “puddling” effect.  (Come to the farm and we’ll show you simply how it can work.)(CLICK)

There are some amazing (amazingly simple) things that can be done to boost recovery from TBI and concussion.  (Come Visit the Farm and see).

Contact us today for a farm visit.  Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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