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The Hyperbaric Solution:

As the victim of an accident all I wanted was a reasonable solution to the needs I had developed.  If possible I preferred to avoid pain medications, narcotic addictions, uses of drugs with side effects, and intrusive exploration surgeries. 

I had one doctor tell me their idea was to run a set of tests, find out what organ was over/under producing and then remove it, leading to a life-long dependence on a pill of some form to replace and regulate whatever that part they cut out was supposed to do.  This is likely more often done than one can imagine, and it was not an attractive alternative for me.

I was aware of the seemingly sensational claims of those who were involved in HBOT/hyperbaric therapy.  I was also aware that some financial interests may have an “interest” in making sure no one knows about the apparent potential of what it seems hyperbaric oxygen therapy can provide.  (Certain interests may be working long and hard to put out mis-information to keep you from accessing hyperbaric therapy.  Beware!)  I was aware of this, but pursued to find the truth.  As the Book says, “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

It was clear that some doctors might not either know enough about hyperbaric, or their affiliations, insurances, and office set-up/practice may not allow prescription even when it may be beneficial.  Often doctors must indicate in their own practice insurance(s) if they prescribe hyperbaric.  It costs them a premium if they do, so they either pass the cost on, or simply do not prescribe hyperbaric.

It seems the conventional approach to seeking hyperbaric is to find a facility and back-track through their affiliated doctor connections to get in.  Often it seems people have to find their own solution, then figure out how to get to it.  We see this pattern over and over again.

Of course conventional insurance including Medicare and Medicaid often dictate what will be paid under an insurance claim.  As a result viable options and good opportunities are occasionally (often?) overlooked due to ability of the doctor or patient to pay/recover payment.  Oddly insurance practice and finance all too often seems to dictate the process and procedures employed in our medical pursuits today.

One can see that hospitals often charge extortionist prices for access to hyperbaric.  Surely they have their reasons, but at $4000 per visit that some charge in an effort to collect $1200 per hour from Medicare seems extreme…………Taking all this in to account, one would think that an affordable approach is not only reasonable, but understanding the commercial reasons people prevent access encouraged me all the more to seek out reasonable help.  After all if Medicare is paying $1200 per hour, then it must be worth something?

Within about 6 months after my accident I was tested on a brain cognitive test/scale and in my view it showed I was basically a walking coma patient.  My reaction time was so slow and my ability to process information was greatly impaired.  As a result of such poor level of testing I was accepted in to national study for the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on traumatic brain injury patients.(Click Link)  My acceptance in the program was a very exciting time.  I may have been functionally retarded at the time, but I knew a good thing when I saw it.  The test/systems were seeing amazing partial/full recovery of brain cognitive skills in short periods of time. I knew this is/was exactly what I needed and I had to pursue it on my own irrespective of the guidance of others.  There was no help, no hope, and no potential for recovery in the “wait and see” efforts I was seeing employed prior to HBOT.  HBOT was for me and I would do whatever it took to access a system for trials and testing.

As time approached for the therapy to begin, the national program was made available to the U.S. Military and as a result the program was overwhelmed with applicants.  The U.S. Military had “priority” over me in the study because they had “baseline” studies on their brain cognitive function before their accident.  I was bumped from the program before I got started.

One year passed with no help.  Conventional doctors continued running tests, waiting 30-45 days for results, then recommending a treatment based on my condition way back when that test was taken…..They were failing to take in to account the condition and symptoms were changing rapidly at times. They failed to find causes, because they were “fishing in the dark” running specific, targeted testing of symptoms.  (It was like throwing darts at a medical chart for testing.)  I found a system that allowed me to get instant feedback thru unconventional approaches while we waited/followed the traditional path. (CLICK BIORESONANCE TESTING).  Meanwhile, testing of all sorts indicated my condition was deteriorating if/when left unchecked.

After one year from the initial brain cognitive test for the national HBOT study I contacted the people running the study again.  They advised the military had pulled funding and they had availability in their schedule to test/treat me.  I retook the brain cognitive test scoring WORSE than before.  My condition was clearly deteriorating, and the episodes of depression, seizures and such were becoming more prolonged and more noticeable.  By then my family and friends had mostly abandoned me, and as a result of mood swings and fits of rage I was very much alone.  It was almost 18 months after my accident and nothing thus far had worked.  My condition had been determined to be “statistically permanent” by conventional approach doctors, including a recognized neurologist.

The new approach under the national study was for the patient to travel to the clinic, treat at their cost (a very reasonable $150 per hour) five days per week.  (Note: The only reason to treat only 5 days per week is to that the clinic can close on weekends.  There are excuses in hyperbaric for 5 day weeks, but that seems the only reasonable answer for limiting treatment.)  Their price for the service was very reasonable and one of the best facilities I have been a part of.  Meanwhile the cost to travel to the area and stay in a resort town for the 2 months (housing, food, etc) was enormous.  I sold farm equipment, motorcycles, motorhomes, and everything I could to raise enough money to go.  It was worth it!

The results began coming in.  In an AXON brain cognitive test before treatment I tested at 6% of the national average for someone at my age and education level.  The joke was made that if I tested any lower they would take my car keys from me.  I was in BAD SHAPE.   With no other drugs or treatment at the time I started HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) nearly 18 months after my wreck.

Within 20 treatments I retested on the AXON test and tested at 30%.  What an amazing jump!  People around me including family noticed I did not fumble and stumble as much, my stuttering was going away, and I was starting to smile and laugh again.  Only 20 hours in HBOT and I went from 6% percentile performance to 30% performance!!

Note during this time I was receiving no other medications or medical treatment.  Doctors will often try to take power away from what hyperbaric can do, and claim that medication was the effect.  This is not true in my case at all.

Within 20 treatments more (40 total one hour treatments) I retested on the AXON brain cognitive test and tested at 45%!  In only 40 hours under hyperbaric I was coming back!!  I am/was so thrilled, yet it was beginning of summer and the treatment facility I was visiting was booked for the rest of the summer with autistic children and other such childhood conditions that are effectively being treated/tested with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  In an effort to continue treatment, yet so as not to bump one of the children from their opportunity at treatment, I sought another clinic.

The next clinic I found was what I would consider a “mom and pop shop”.  They were very friendly people and their approach was substantially different than the first clinic.

The first clinic I attended used Sechrist units and the tests/therapy was conducted at 1.5HBOT.  My friends at the first clinic had more than six Sechrist units last time I visited them.  The value of the acrylics alone would bankrupt most people.  The national study and this clinic is one of my favorites.  They taught me much, and spent time with me.  I appreciate that very much.   I did not understand at first why they wanted to treat at low pressure (1.5 ata).  I now understand far better why they opted to treat soft tissue/brain injuries at low pressure.  I concur with that approach, meanwhile I find that conventional/commercial approach where they have pressure levels correct, very often they fail to allow the session to go as long as it could/should.  Our approach at the farm (and yours if/when you own your own chamber) is often low pressure for longer periods of time than conventional commercial operations.  The results I personally saw have been astounding.  Come see. (CLICK FARM VISIT)

The second clinic I attended was closer to home, but the need to drive the distance, arrange for scheduling, etc still gutted my day.  The service was very good, but my new friends at this clinic were convinced that more pressure was better.  They had been introduced to hyperbaric oxygen treatment by way of the need to seek healing for LYME disease. 

As I have now found it seems that many of those who seek the path of hyperbaric seem to become focused/transfixed on the cause that it solved for them.  Conventional LYME disease treatment approach is often to treat at 2.8HBOT so as to infuse the body with as much oxygen as possible to eradicate the various anaerobic bacteria causing the sickness. I understand there have been significant breakthroughs for LYME using HBOT.  The conventional approach is to reach pathogens deeply imbedded in the joints and system of the body………….So as a result the second clinic advised to be treated at 2.8HBOT.  At this point I was doing a lot of research on digestive issues and internal damage effects of hormonal overdoses and systemic candida (CLICK) so the idea conceptually to treat all anaerobic bacteria/fungus and heal the body seemed plausible. (CLICK SYSTEMIC CANDIDA)

The 2.8HBOT added to my success.  I returned to test at the original clinic after 20 treatments at 2.8HBOT and tested on the AXON Brain cognitive test at 55%.  In only 60 total treatments (60-90 hours total) under HBOT I had gone from 6% to 55%.  I continue treatments and am looking in to an AXON prescription myself for my private testing and progress studies. (CLICK TESTING)

As one can imagine, I was sold on Hyperbaric!  With no other drugs or therapy I was more than half way restored on my brain cognitive function.  NO, this did not heal everything, but I did find that with clearer thinking my moods leveled out, my frustrations decreased, the frustrations of others with me decreased, and life greatly improved.


In only 60 total treatments (60-90 hours total) under HBOT I had gone from 6% to 55%...............(I am proud to say at the farm we can reach the same hourly hyperbaric exposure in as little as 2 weeks, instead of the 3 months it took me through conventional approaches.)(CLICK FARM VISIT)

Note, the second clinic because I was studying HBOT so hard and working towards a healing, allowed me to treat at a very reasonable $160 per day.  Meanwhile, my expenses for travel and such were high.

The second clinic as I studied what they were doing it appeared they needed help in the business development areas.  They had set up a very expensive clinic (potentially $250,000 invested in a single chamber facility) in a very small town.  They had no housing assistance, and no “draw” other than they had a chamber.  I looked in to partnering with them.  As I looked at what it would take to become a full owner/partner in their clinic I found the set up seemed far too expensive.  I knew there must be a mutually beneficial way to bring affordable hyperbaric to the masses.

Following visit and therapy from multiple locations I found a good used system available online.  I purchased my first used portable unit and then found that all my friends wanted to try it.  I began studying the equipment on the market and became involved in designing some new equipment, and was able to get closer to some equipment manufacturers by sharing discoveries as a result.  We can now often buy new equipment better and cheaper than others, and have built some rather unique test units for our personal use that you can experience when you visit the farm. (CLICK FARM VISIT).

Taking my experience in to effect, I now see where hyperbaric oxygen therapy itself was good for me.  The first clinic treating at low pressures was good, but some estimates state that it takes almost 45 minutes of HBOT for the oxygen to begin penetrating the brain.  That means conventional approach does not allow enough time under the low pressure for the best benefit approach to the patient.  The key in part to my recovery was sticking to hyperbaric and pushing for more.  In hind sight I think I can save the average HBOT consumer $20,000-$50,000 in their approach.  Good, simple information just needs to be put in the hand of the consumer. (CLICK visit the farm)

Contact us today for a farm visit.  Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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