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Introduction to Farm Visit:

NOTICE:  The "Farm Retreat" project has been put on hold.  As a result of criminal aggression by law enforcement (believed extortion plot by LEO) in Jackson County Florida the retreat concept has been stalled/shut down.  Personnel with the Jackson County Sheriff Department, area prosecutors (States Attorney) and other government operatives in what has been called a "Conspiracy" and Conspiracy to RICO (Racketeering) initiated a scheme potentially with blackmail in mind.  They are being taken to Federal Court on issues to reveal in the court setting.  See for details.



Welcome to

(Part of the Original Plan) We are your HBOT hook up and we are selling used portable hyperbaric chambers, and/or allowing visitors to come to our farm and try them out.   On occasion we have new chambers at wholesale prices, and we have a standing set of large, walk-in chambers for visitors.  Many types and styles of equipment are often available, and it changes often so check as often as you need.   We may even be able to break up some sets for the portable hyperbaric chambers to provide spare parts, only time (and your needs) will tell.  Let us know what you are looking for and we may be able to locate it for you.  (We do not provide oxygen generators.)

We have an ugly little “farm setting” where we work towards a natural/organic product.  Our owners have personal hyperbaric needs and interests, as a result we often have an abundance of equipment to share with our guests to the farm.  Here is a little story to tell you how it happened….

Following a terrible accident involving among other things concussion with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) we got involved in HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy), and tried many different methods, equipment, etc. (CLICK STORY)  We learned what we found for us to be practical pros and cons of many types of approaches/equipment/therapy.  We found some simple, yet powerful application secrets that made the recovery seemingly faster and practically more permanent.  We found cutting through the maze of mystery and commercial pursuits of some providers was difficult.  We decided to try to make it easier on others.

In our pursuit for true answers, we may have over-bought for our own use trying to find the application that really works the best for our needs.  Despite the many successes we have found in hyperbaric options, we found complications from the accident have our owner very likely committed to long term personal HBOT therapy.  We are still buying new and used equipment and seeking more efficiency (and sharing our findings as we go!)(CLICK VISIT THE FARM).  We now have far too much equipment for our personal needs/treatment and wish to share it with others if they wish to find an affordable, reasonable (cheap?) means for hyperbaric sessions. You can try it before you buy it, and if you do not buy anything, then we get to make a new friend and share what we have found. We all win!  

By visiting our farm one can often experience many different types and styles of equipment in operation….. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test-drive, then why buy a hyperbaric chamber without a test drive?  We move an extremely low number of portable hyperbaric chambers, and prefer a more personal connection to those we assist along.  If such a place was available prior to my HBOT pursuits it would have easily saved me $10,000-$20,000, or more.  It is your turn to save based on the experience we have to share.

Come to the farm.  Stay as long as you like for as little as $200 per day (Typically includes housing, meals, 24 hours a day virtually unlimited hyperbaric access, and massage.  We often can arrange two sessions per day, 7 days per week.  In so doing we can often get more done in one week than conventional “clinics” do in 3-4 weeks.  Come see the difference.  Often the body can heal from hbot faster than commercial facilities allow access due to their scheduling conflicts, conditions and hours of operation.) 

The “as long as you like” in our invitation depends on mutual agreement.  If you are difficult to get along with we will invite you to move on down the road.  By appointment preferred.   

Contact us for details on visiting and scheduling…………..Please be advised the chambers sit at a “working” organic farm setting. (CLICK ORGANIC  We are working the farm while you are visiting.  You are welcome to join in and assist, but kindly asked not to interfere……..

We will consider “trades” in lieu of payment for visiting the farm.  One of our goals is to help people get the hyperbaric attention and access to hyperbaric equipment they need.  If you have a skill set or some form of asset(s) we can use on the farm we may consider a trade for access (housing, meals, etc negotiable).  Make an offer.  Owners will consider virtually any/all trades (This is another option others cannot offer).

Here is the outline for one of the original ideas:

Contact Information for Farm Visits:
The "plan" or idea behind one aspect of the farm visit is to allow visitors access our store of hyperbaric supplies.  Typically this includes relatively open access to:
1)  Various types/styles of mild hyperbaric (soft) chambers.
2) Access to virtually unlimited massage through an array of approaches (Often mechanical or mechanical assist methods.)
3)  Access to testing.  As we expand our online testing, electromagnetic resonance, sound resonance therapy, etc., then we anticipate making this available to guests.
4)  Room and board, basic meals.
5)  Limited supplementation or guidance on your own.
6)  Teaching/sharing of material.
7)  Anticipated cost is approximately $250 per day.  To be discussed and agreed in advance.
8)  In special circumstances we will accept trades in lieu of payment depending on our needs at the farm and your trade.
I encourage you to contact us when you have a question or concern.  Please understand that we are real people, and we do read authentic e-mails with real perspectives. If, however you are sincere and respectful, we will try to respond in kind.............Please understand if we have a properly put together publication/presentation that addresses your concern (or if we know of one) then we may refer you to a greater Source.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

Our author receives all corporate mail at the following regular mail address:

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

Post Office Box 158
Chipley, Florida 32428 
United States of America
Phone 1-850-685-2353

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