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Thoughts on Male Menopause and Menopause: (Cortisol/hormones)

Following my accident (CLICK) I found that certain hormonal rages including but not limited to cortisol levels being jacked up would send me in to fits, rages, and emotional awkwardness.  Once I told the doctors to test cortisol levels they did, but only after my insistence and after 14 months following my accident.  What they found was substantially elevated cortisol a condition which can trigger a host of problems that as yet I have not found a single doctor who understands the full ramifications (including food/digestive disorders CLICK gluten free diet).

What I was told by the doctors was that following my accident my adrenals flooded my system and that likely went out of control.  Once the adrenals were exhausted my cortisol production took over that “stress” and the high levels took over.  Cortisol is considered by many to be the “fight or flight” hormone or “stress” hormone.  I found that during this time of elevated cortisol I could go from nice guy to “whoop ass” in a split second.  Not a good thing at all. 

Meanwhile cortisol levels elevated left unchecked will begin to re-arrange things in your body at the cellular level (removing potassium and replacing with sodium for one thing.)  The elevated cortisol does a host of things as can be studied on the Internet at length, but there are food/digestive issues that will spin this out of control. (CLICK FOOD/DIGESTIVE)

Meanwhile, once the doctors were told to check for hormone issues, and they responded, they then became transfixed with hormonal issues and lost site of the rest of the picture.  This led them to discussions of such things as “male menopause”, which presumably is somewhat like “female menopause” just less understood.  What we will likely find is there is a common methodology to address both forms of menopause, but as it is typically addressed in relation to symptoms (rather than cause) we may not be getting too much closer to the answer. What if greater circulation and oxygenation of the cells and the body would help?

Look at the symptoms of menopause.

1. Hot Flashes
Night Sweats
Irregular Periods (For women)
Loss of Libido
Vaginal Dryness
Mood Swings
Hair Loss
Sleep Disorders
Difficult Concentrating
Memory Lapses
Weight Gain
Brittle Nails

18. Changes in Odor
Irregular Heartbeat
Panic Disorder
Breast Pain
Joint Pain
Burning Tongue
Electric Shocks
Digestive Problems
Gum Problems
Muscle Tension
Itchy Skin
Tingling Extremities

(Oddly for me the symptoms of menopause seem to closely replicate those of TBI, traumatic brain injury, in many ways.) It does not matter if you are speaking of male or female menopause many symptoms are similar, and conventionally doctors treat “symptoms” not cause.  Often they focus on the differences in men and women, rather than similarities……………..I decided to pursue a different tack.  This tack will likely provide tremendous improvement for others.  It costs nothing to consider it. 

What if the “shutting down” of the body has to do with lack of circulation or oxygenation of the body?  Isn’t it true that one of the most sensational drugs introduced to boost a man’s sex life is/was Viagra which it little more than a vasiodialator that restores “flow” and circulation?  What if restoration of oxygenation/circulation could address this issue?

One significant feature or symptom of menopause is “hot flashes” or high heat periods of the body.

Think of it this way, when the body produces fever it is often because something in the body senses it needs to fight off a bacteria/fungus, or some form of infection/problem.  Isn’t this true?  Well a “symptom” of menopause is often hot flashes and conventionally a doctor will tell you the symptom hot flash is caused by a hormonal release (or failure to release) and if one can control the hormone then one can control the heat flash.  Isn’t this true?  Okay, what if the body knows EXACTLY what it is doing and the hormonal release is designed to create a heat that kills off something pathogenic or predatory on the body such as an infection?  (CLICK CANDIDA?) Now, if you control the hormones in this instance then you miss the opportunity to address the REAL problem!! THINK!   

Seeking the cause rather than symptoms proved important in my recovery and ongoing health.  What the doctors tried to diagnose as a form of menopause was really a bacterial/fungi issue gone rogue.

Now, let’s look at if/when the “hot flash” occurs.  If it was meant to fight off an attacker of the body then when should it subside?  Presumably the hot flash could stop when that opponent is sufficiently killed off.  Seems simple? The "fallout" from killing the pathogen would then leave some toxic residues in the system until they are removed (Herzheimers effect) Okay, now if/when one visits the “doctor” the pathogen is greatly reduced except in cases where the body is ready to produce a “flash”.  Can you see this?  Given proper opportunity the body kills off the aggressor, then doctors will not have evidence of its existence.  Meanwhile certain types of aggressive fungus/bacteria such as “candida” (yeast infection) can continue to reside in the body in lower amounts following the ‘kill off” of many of their cells.  (See Herzheimers) This is just one example that clearly could be operating in the body those who are diagnosed menopausal. 

Part of the problem is most doctors lack the ability and training to diagnose such things as “systemic candida”. (CLICK)  Since it is anaerobic (does not live in oxygen environment) it is killed off in the doctor’s blood sample tubes as soon as the blood in the tube turns red, so the “culture” won’t show it was there, will it?  THINK!!!   It is not uncommon in many “menopause” issues for at least some form of yeast infection to have existed prior.  The yeast (candida) is there, yet your doctor will be late in diagnosing it if he ever does at all.  Note: Systemic candida is so late in its diagnosis and so far advanced when it is diagnosed that it is often fatal for 40-50% of those diagnosed.  This means doctors often know too little too late about this.  Women (and men for this matter) are obviously exposed to levels of “yeast” and “fungal” infections............What I found is the "puddling" effect in my concussion/accident allowed fluids to stagnate and a bacteria/fungal cess pool begin.  Ridding of puddling, and hyperbaric treatment is a good general treatment for all it seems. 

Hyperbaric treatment elevates the presence of oxygen in the cell and theoretically given the opportunity the anaerobic pathogens mentioned should die simply due to the presence of oxygen.  Amazingly, the oxygen kills pathogens and boosts cell production and operation.  It seems like a double whammy for the body at the cellular level with low risk, low side effects, no addictions.  Does this seem too good to be true?  It could be.  You won’t know until you try, because the law prevents us from telling you what it can do. 

Meanwhile the hormonal rage that appears to be menopause may have a real job it is trying to do.   At the same time the stress of cortisol and other hormonal rages that I was experiencing (mis-diagnosed as MANopause) opens the door to a chain of events for destruction…………Like it or not all of the above seems to make sense and there is a rather simple explanation and means to address it.  Oddly, not a single doctor I know has addressed this.

The symptoms I had following one year after my wreck led doctors to possibly correctly diagnose “male menopause”.  Yet, it is “possible” they were correct as much as it is “possible” they were incorrect.  In regards to “menopause” it seems that many are operating in the dark.  Problem is they were addressing symptoms and not causes.  Unfortunately western medicine is too often symptom focused, and rarely cause focused.

I believe the cause was found in my situation, and it seems to have been rectified in essence without the assistance of a doctor.  Soon (very soon) with HBOT and other assistance by changing some simple life patterns we saw the heat flashes dissipate, the seizures went away, and life began to operate more as it once had. 

Hyperbaric was part of the key to returning to wellness, possibly because anaerobic bacteria will die in the presence of oxygen.  Oxygen often excites the cells and helps the body run “cleaner” like an engine which has been turbo-charged.  By increasing the power to the strong parts of the body, and decreasing the effects of anaerobic pathogens the body can make a change for the better.

We have some simple secrets to share.  Visit the farm and we will guide you through a simple path that we found successful. (CLICK FARM VISIT)

Please CLICK and look at the information on Gluten Reaction/Bacteria/Fungal issues.

Please “Brain Drain” for Information

(Note: One “symptom” I was experiencing was seizures with the heat episodes. One western trained doctor went as far as to tell me that if I knew I would go through a seizure and/or heat cycle at or around 0500 every morning then to set my alarm and wake up to pre-empt the attack while they tried to sort out the problem.  Imagine, they were given the time of the recurring and dangerous event (seizure) and the only idea was to wake up before the event……The timing and the idea of pre-empting it gave part of the idea for our means to address this problem.)…………My nightly seizures appear to have been triggered by a brain injury effect and the cortisol.  (CLICK SEIZURE)

Contact us today for a farm visit.  Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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