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Providing Practical (yet simple) health approaches.

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We would like to welcome you to your opportunity to see/receive a compiled set of documents on EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) and EMF effects on the human body.  This set of documents was compiled as presented by Dave Stetzer to include numerous public access documents.  Dave's research and knowledge on the health effects of EMF radiation is outstanding. 

Also, we have access to a premiere wholesaler of EMF Conductive/Shielding Fabrics and tools.  The selection we maintain are anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.  These fabrics utilizing a copper/nickel finish are protective in all forms of electrical to include 5G when employed correctly

These are free downloads for you to read and share:









Many may recall the Mel Gibson movie (Conspiracy Theory/Signs) where they made fun of folks with "tin foil hats" and many have heard the reference, but that may have been Hollywood making fun of reality to dumb down the masses hiding the fear and effects of 5G Syndrome and a host of other EMF issues and conspiracy laden information.

The above referenced information is buried in archives military and otherwise yet brought to light of day in hundreds of pages of research compiled in one location so that those who seek can find..........faster.  Leading to and through this presentation will follow information on 5G and 5G Syndrome which some connect/reflect on as "Corona Virus", COVID-19, via weather shifts and a host of animal, bird, bug and nature phenomena allowed for by mankind for the sake of "technology".  As mankind races towards extinction you should take this information and share it widely so others can know, and know sooner.

If you are into "conspiracy" theory then you need to get this and share it. If you are not into conspiracy theory then you need to get this and share it to overcome the concepts that will soon sweep up the masses in hysteria real or imagined.

The human body functions depend largely on electrolytic actions and shifts.  When the body has too much electrical activity in one area we call that "pain".  All sickness known to man has certain common issues.  One of those issues is "swelling" as a primary or secondary part of all sickness and disease.  This swelling affects localized (and generalized) electrical issues.  Outside electrical forces such as 5G and other EMF issues reacts and causes reactions.  Often low circulation areas are affected most.  To reconcile this internal to the body see the book recommendation which follows.

Book Recommendations:

THE ANSWER TO CANCER:  A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION (Now available direct from publisher, see "Contact" page)  (We can drop ship books in USA direct from our warehouse, send $30 via Paypal total [email protected] )


Universal Healing Approach (initial volume):

CO2 and YOU: A RELEASE FROM ALL SICKNESS ( was a project launched as a result of recovery efforts from a tragic automobile accident in which the driver's vehicle was struck by an 18 wheeler and suffered a chain of events leaving approximately 1/4 mile of debris along an interstate highway (See for some detail).  What followed from this seemed to mystify doctors, neuroscience personnel and such because the TBI (traumatic brain injury), concussion, and PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and other issues began to oscillate and a fight for life ensued for many months (years!) to follow.  Eventually a series of alternative therapies were sought to get some level of relief.  The resultant was a relatively simple, inexpensive, broad but effective approach to health science was uncovered.  This web experiment is to introduce these simple ideas to others and to offer where possible opportunities for people to obtain simple access to simple things often kept out of reach of the average consumer.  As a result we introduce where we show you simple things TheBrainCanRecover do when you allow the Body to heal the body.

On this page to the left you see a series of original articles written to try to capture the early processes and insights into the process that steered the author to a level of healing far in excess of what conventional science could offer.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

Our author receives all corporate mail at the following regular mail address:

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

Post Office Box 158
Chipley, Florida 32428 
United States of America
Phone 1-850-685-2353

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