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'Ted' Theodore Lewis Whidden

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Providing Affordable Hyperbaric (HBOT) Oxygen Therapy Solutions

A practical approach stemming from independent HBOT/TBI research by a victim.

Contact Information for Farm Visits:
The "plan" or idea behind one aspect of the farm visit is to allow visitors access our store of hyperbaric supplies.  Typically this includes relatively open access to:
1)  Various types/styles of mild hyperbaric (soft) chambers.
2) Access to virtually unlimited massage through an array of approaches (Often mechanical or mechanical assist methods.)
3)  Access to testing.  As we expand our online testing, electromagnetic resonance, sound resonance therapy, etc., then we anticipate making this available to guests.
4)  Room and board, basic meals.
5)  Limited supplementation or guidance on your own.
6)  Teaching/sharing of material.
7)  Anticipated cost is approximately $250 per day.  To be discussed and agreed in advance.
8)  In special circumstances we will accept trades in lieu of payment depending on our needs at the farm and your trade.

I encourage you to contact us when you have a question or concern.  Please understand that we are real people, and we do read authentic e-mails with real perspectives. If, however you are sincere and respectful, we will try to respond in kind.............Please understand if we have a properly put together publication/presentation that addresses your concern (or if we know of one) then we may refer you to a greater Source.


Follow our research as it happens at www.facebook.com/AFFORDABLE.HBOT


Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

Our author receives all corporate mail at the following regular mail address:

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden


Post Office Box 158
Chipley, Florida 32428 
United States of America
Phone 1-850-685-2353

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