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Providing Affordable Hyperbaric (HBOT) Oxygen Therapy Solutions

A practical approach stemming from independent HBOT/TBI research by a victim.

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Hyperbaric for children:

Hyperbaric and HBOT therapy appears to be having radical breakthroughs with children especially those with autism and/or some similar issue.  The breakthroughs are amazing, HOWEVER the conventional hyperbaric chamber and environment therewith is often very disturbing for autistic children.  Often the parents of these children attempt therapies or pursuits only to have worthwhile therapies rejected by the child.  For this reason in part we have built a large walk in hyperbaric system that often allows the mother/parent to attend with the child.  By allowing the parent and the child to share a session the child is much more relaxed than they would be otherwise.  We have other approaches to help acclimate the child to the environment and to help familiarize the child with his own mild hyperbaric chamber so that therapy can be continued at home as the parents/child can work it out...............What we do is help get the child prepared for the chamber, and often children can and will begin sessions first day without too much difficulty.  This is a far cry from a traditional approach where substantial expense is squandered trying to coerce the child in to an intimidating environment.

Uniquely with our approach to children the children often get started sooner, faster and smoother.  The effects are they get to a clearer state of mind potentially faster, thus making acceptance of a conventional mild chamber for home use much more acceptable.

The key is it can work.  All we want to do is boost the quality of life for the child, the parents, and those around them.  A farm visit is recommended for all.

Contact us today for a farm visit.  Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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